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Essential Weed Control FAQs for Bedford Residents


We understand that you may have numerous questions regarding how to prevent and control weed growth in your lawn. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions about our weed control services. This page is dedicated to providing in-depth insights into effective weed management, empowering you to maintain the beauty and health of your lawn. Let’s dive in!


Q: Do you offer one-time weed control services?
A: We actually don’t offer one-time services. Our main program is a comprehensive, year-round approach that includes fertilization and weed control throughout nine service visits. This ensures your lawn receives continuous care for optimal health and beauty.

Q: How frequently do you provide weed control services?
A: Our main program consists of nine services throughout the year and weed control is included in every visit as needed. This consistent attention helps prevent weed infestations and maintain a healthy lawn.

Q: What types of weeds can you handle?
A: Living and working in Bedford for over 13 years, we’ve encountered and effectively dealt with a wide variety of common weed types in this area. From crabgrass to dandelions, we have the expertise to manage them all.

Q: Do your weed control services also include lawn fertilization?
A: Yes, our comprehensive program incorporates both weed control and fertilization. These services work in tandem to keep your lawn healthy and weed-free.

Q: When is the best time to start weed control in Bedford, Texas?
A: The best time to start weed control is before the weeds emerge, which is why our service includes several pre-emergent applications at the correct times of the year.

Q: What methods do you use for weed control?
A: Our weed control methods include both pre-emergent applications to prevent weed germination and targeted treatments to eliminate existing weeds.

Q: Is your weed control safe for my children and pets?
A: Absolutely. We prioritize the use of safe, effective products. However, we always recommend keeping pets and children off the lawn until the treatment has dried completely.

Q: I signed up for your services but still see some weeds. Why is that?
A: While our services are effective, seeing some weeds is normal, especially in the beginning. Remember, weed control is a process, and you should see fewer and fewer weeds with each service.

Q: What do I need to do after a weed control service visit?
A: After a service visit, we recommend keeping off the lawn until the treatment has dried. Also, continue your good mowing and watering practices. These actions, combined with our services, will ensure optimal results.

Q: Can I mow the lawn right after a weed control treatment?
A: For best, results we recommend waiting 24 hours to mow the lawn after a treatment to allow the weed control to absorb fully, but if this is not possible, our weed control treatment will still be effective.

Q: Are your weed control services effective in all seasons?
A: Yes, our year-round program ensures your lawn is receiving the right treatments at the right times, regardless of the season.

Q: What if weeds come back between your visits?
A: Our main program is designed to control weeds effectively throughout the year. However, if you notice a resurgence of weeds between visits, let us know, and we’ll address it on our next scheduled service.

Q: Can you control weeds in my flower beds?
A: Our focus is on lawn weed control. However, healthy lawn practices can indirectly help control weed spread into your flower beds.

Q: Why are weeds harmful to my lawn?
A: Weeds compete with your grass for resources like water, sunlight, and nutrients. By controlling weeds, we ensure that your lawn gets the resources it needs to thrive.

Q: Can I cancel my service at any time?
A: Our main program is a year-round service designed for optimal lawn health. If you have any concerns about the program, we encourage you to speak with our team so we can address any issues and ensure you’re fully satisfied.

Q: How do I know if I have a weed problem?
A: If you notice an abundance of non-grass plants in your lawn, particularly ones that grow faster and begin to overtake your grass, you may have a weed problem. Our experts can help identify and treat these issues.

Q: Do you provide services beyond weed control and fertilization?
A: While our main program focuses on fertilization and weed control, we also offer add-on services such as lawn-damaging insect treatments, aeration, and shrub treatment.

Q: How long does it take for the weeds to die after a treatment?
A: It typically takes about 10-14 days to see visible results after a weed control application.

Q: Will weed control treatments harm my grass?
A: Our treatments are designed to eliminate weeds without harming your grass. In fact, by removing competition for resources, your grass should become healthier.

Q: How does the weather affect weed control treatments?
A: Weather can affect the application and effectiveness of weed control treatments. However, our experienced team adjusts strategies based on weather conditions to ensure optimal results.

Q: Is there the best time of year to start weed control services?
A: While it’s beneficial to start weed control services early in the year before weeds have a chance to germinate, our program is designed to improve your lawn’s health at any time of the year.

Q: Why is regular weed control necessary?
A: Regular weed control is necessary to prevent weeds from re-infesting your lawn. Our year-round service ensures consistent management of these pesky intruders.

Q: Can I combine weed control with other services?
A: Yes, our weed control services are part of our main program which includes fertilization, but you can also add other services such as insect treatments, aeration, and shrub treatments.

Q: How does weed control improve my lawn’s health?
A: Weed control improves your lawn’s health by eliminating competition for vital resources, enabling your grass to receive all the water, nutrients, and sunlight it needs to thrive.

Q: Can weed control also help with pest control?
A: While weed control mainly targets unwanted plants, maintaining a healthy lawn can deter certain pests. We also offer specific treatments for lawn-damaging insects as an add-on service.


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