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Lawn aeration is a process that is used to break up and remove thatch from the Lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead material that builds upon the surface of your Lawn. Aeration helps by breaking this material up, removing it, and let fresh air down into the soil, which nourishes the grassroots. This process allows for the grass to grow more efficiently as well as helps it to get rid of diseases that may be otherwise unseen.

Aeration allows for oxygen, water, and nutrients to get down to where the roots are so that the grass can thrive and grow into a healthy, lush green lawn.

Bedford Lawn Care Pros provides Green Thumb Aeration Service to Bedford TX and nearby communities. 

Lawn aeration can also improve the health of your Lawn and its overall appearance. If you’re looking for a lawn aeration company in Bedford, TX, you’ve come to the right place. At Bedford Lawn Care Pros, we offer our clients the only thing they need– quality service at affordable rates. So whether you need Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control or want to schedule professional aerations, call 817-835-6335 today!

The Benefits of Core Lawn Aeration are:

  • It will increase the amount of oxygen reaching the root system.
  • It will promote deeper root growth.
  • It breaks up soil compaction, allowing for better water and air penetration to the roots.
  • Lawn Aeration can reduce thatch, which reduces the need for mowing and helps prevent disease, insect, and erosion damage by allowing for better fertilizer, water, and air penetration.
  • Aeration helps promote the growth of microorganisms that break down plant matter.
  • Removes coring plugs that capture thatch and loosen compacted soils. This allows for increased water flow to the root system. When more water reaches the roots, it reduces the need for watering. Lawns with good aeration grow deeper roots and are less susceptible to drought conditions than lawns with poor aeration.

As you can see, there are many benefits for lawn aeration, and that’s why we at Bedford lawn care pros recommend it and want you to have a lush, green lawn this summer.

If you need a lawn aeration service in Bedford, TX, call Bedford Lawn Care Pros today. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our service and that you’ll recommend it to your friends and neighbors. Don’t let a neglected lawn give your home a less than attractive appearance.

Are you ready to have your Lawn Aerated?

Here a few things to consider before getting started with Lawn Aeration. There should be good grass growing from healthy roots, to begin with. If you have an unhealthy lawn, aeration will not do much good. Aeration is an additional step used to supplement efforts of fertilization, weed control, and watering. If you have a poor lawn, you need to start with a good core fertilizer, weed control, and proper watering. If you have a healthy lawn that needs some added nutrients, aeration can help.

Scheduling your Lawn Aeration with Bedford Lawn Care Pros

Bedford Lawn Care Pros is a locally owned and operated lawn aeration service in Bedford, TX. We offer a variety of lawn aeration, lawn fertilization, and weed control services to our clients. For all your lawn and landscaping needs, call 817-835-6335 today!