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There are several lawn fertilizers on the market today and several homeowners have been experimenting on different fertilizers to use for their lawn.

However, keeping your lawn green and healthy won’t happen overnight.

There is more to maintaining a green lawn than just watering your plants.

It is essential to get the right mix of fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy and green. If you think that every fertilizer is one and the same, you are wrong.

Each lawn is different. Each lawn has a different soil quality. Each plant has a different nutrient requirement. Each area has a different climate to consider.

The growing condition of each lawn is different

This is why it is vital to find a fertilizer mix that suits your lawn the most.

Bedford Lawn Care Pros offers lawn fertilization services that are customized to suit the needs of your lawn. Your lawn has a better chance of flourishing with the right mix of nutrients for survival.

The Leading Lawn Fertilization Expert in Bedford, Tx

Your fertilizer can make or break your lawn.

With each lawn comes a different set of nutritional needs.

With the help of Bedford Lawn Care Pros, your fertilizer will match the needs of your lawn.

The right fertilizer can help your lawn thrive. Your plants are living organisms and they need sufficient nutrients that can assist them to grow better in the environment that they are in.

We have worked with several Bedford clients and we know how each kind of fertilizer has affected the growth of certain plant types.

After our consultation sessions, we will customize a lawn fertilization strategy that will work to provide your plants with the right nutrients for their growth.

Get lawn care services that can help increase your curb appeal by calling Bedford Lawn Care Pros.

Our Secret: The Fertilizers

We have different fertilizer mixes that can cater to different types of projects. We are able to offer low-cost fertilizers, organic fertilizers, traditional fertilizers, and other types of fertilizer. Our secret lies in the variety of fertilizers that we use. Here are some of the most common fertilizers that we have on our list:

  • Organic Fertilizers – Organic fertilizers only use natural components that normally come from animal or plant products. These kinds of fertilizers produce slow results, but they are a good source of nutrients for plants. It is helpful in allowing your soil quality to develop over time.
  • Non-organic fertilizers – If you are looking to grow your plants faster, we can look into using inorganic fertilizers that boost plant growth. The success of the use of the fertilizer will still depend if the fertilizer is the right mix for your soil quality.
  • Enriched fertilizers Enriched fertilizers are packed with the nutrients needed by a certain type of plant. Others are packed with nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, or any other nutrients.
  • Slow- Release Fertilizer – Clients would sometimes request for a one-time fertilizer service for the entire year. Slow-release fertilizers work to cater to these clients. This fertilizer works by slowly releasing the nutrients so that there is less need to apply fertilizers more often.

Our Commitment to Lawn Care Service

Fertilization isn’t a one-time project. It is a continuous commitment to your plants.

At Bedford Lawn Care Pros, we commit ourselves to be your partner in your lawn care journey.

We can customize a lawn care service plan that can fit your yearly schedule.

Prevention is better than cure and our pre-planned services can help eliminate any lawn issues that may arise.

If you aren’t happy with our service, we promise to make it right.

Our Happiness Guarantee aims to provide complete customer satisfaction.

I know that your lawn needs Bedford Lawn Care Pros.

 We can help make your lawn greener and healthier.

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