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At Bedford Lawn Care Pros, we understand you. We know that your lawn needs special attention and care. We know that you want your lawn to remain healthy for as long as possible. We know how the weather and the climate can have an effect on the state of your lawn. This is why we aim to provide you with a special kind of lawn service. Our goal is to create a long-term solution to your lawn care problems. Our lawn care service will take into account the different factors that may affect the health of your lawn like the soil type and the grass species. Each of the different characteristics will require a different kind of care. No one in Bedford can do it better for Bedford than a lawn care company that knows the community well.

Lawn Care Services in Bedford, Tx like No Other

Our lawn care services include Lawn Fertilization, Lawn Weed Control, Lawn Disease Control, Fire Ant Control, Soil pH Balance, and Grub Preventative.

The services that we offer will allow you to have less worry about weed growth or pests in your lawn. We work to provide customized treatments that can help make your lawn look better all throughout the year. We will apply the treatments at optimized periods during the year so that the soil will be able to absorb the solution better.

With our help, maintaining your lawn will be as easy as 1-2-3.

Lawn Fertilization – Each lawn has different needs when it comes to the nutrients that they need to absorb.

We provide your lawn with high-quality lawn fertilizers to help the grass grow healthy by providing an added boost of nutrients.

When the roots are stronger, they are able to retain water better for more consistent growth.

lawn fertilization truck
weeds on the grass

Lawn Weed Control – Lawn weeds are hard to control, but the right lawn care service company can help plot a course of action to control weed growth.

There are weed control treatments employed by Bedford Lawn Care Pros to help reduce the unwanted weed growth in your lawn.

Lawn Disease Control – Lawn diseases aren’t easy to identify if you are not an expert, which makes it harder to control if you don’t hire an expert.

Bedford Lawn Care Pros work to identify the lawn diseases in your home and create an action plan that works to prevent it.

healthy green lawn

Soil pH Balance – Soil Amendment can help your plants grow well. If your soil is too acidic or too alkaline, you may need to modify the soil pH to make sure that the nutrients needed by the plants can help them grow better.

Fire Ant Control – The stinging bite of fire ants can make you want to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

The right lawn care company can help reduce the presence of these pests in a manner that is environment-friendly and cost-efficient.

fire ant on the plant
grass with weeds

Lawn Aeration – Lawn aeration is a process that is used to break up and remove thatch from the Lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead material that builds upon the surface of your Lawn.

 Aeration helps by breaking this material up, removing it, and let fresh air down into the soil, which nourishes the grassroots.

Grub Preventative – The pests in your lawn will fight for the nutrients that would otherwise go to your plants.

One particular pest that needs intense prevention measures is grubs since they could damage the health of your lawn quickly.

grass with weeds
hand pointing on grubs

The Bedford Lawn Care Pros Guarantee

Our promise to our clients is to provide them with specialized services made even better.
We work with the best lawn care experts in the industry and we employ the use of modern equipment so that we can provide our clients with optimal results.
If you are unhappy with our services, you just have to let us know and we will be back to make sure that you are satisfied.